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Figure 8, aerial Silk


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The most lightweight and high strength rigging solution for your silks! These are perfect for use in the home, in the studio or on tour.
Prodigy Elevate – Figure 8 is the most commonly used accessory for Aerial Silks, a genuinely essential rigging accessory.

, and it only adds 7cm to your rigging.

The Prodigy Elevate is an essential piece of kit for rigging your silks. It’s the simplest and safest way to hang your silk to distribute the load and separate the fabric legs.
It only adds 17cm (approx 7 inches) to your rigging; perfect for a low rigging height. And weighing only 254g (approx. 9oz) won’t add much weight to your kit bag.

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string(16) "aerial-hoop-silk"
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