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Prodigy Snake tape has been produced by Prodigy specifically for use on aerial equipment. We think it’s great – perfect grip, and super easy to wrap.
Prodigy Snake Tape is made from super soft, latex-free, 100% cotton. It doesn’t have a serrated edge and is easy to tear by hand.
It’s 14m long, which means one roll should be more than enough to cover any size aerial hoop you throw it at (please note, throwing this at a hoop will not wrap it for you; that technology hasn’t been developed yet). If you really like to make sure that your hoop is covered and overlap your wraps a lot, you might need two rolls for the largest hoops.
Each roll is 38mm (1 ½ inch) wide, allowing for a perfect overlap on a curved tube like a lyra without too much wrinkling.
Often, tapes used for aerial will be a little sticky on the surface from excess adhesive coming through the tape. This will sometimes happen right away or after the tape has warmed up through training. It’s usually remedied by rubbing the tape down with chalk, but often it can leave your hands and clothes a sticky mess. We always recommend rubbing down new tape with chalk, you may need to reapply, and with use, the excessive adhesive should no longer be a problem.
The excess adhesive problem is inconsistent with most tape brands that we have tested; some rolls are good, while others are sticky. If you have a problem, please let us know! We will be happy to help you.


Prodigy Snake Tape is perfect to use for the following:

  • Aerial hoops/Lyra
  • Trapeze bars
  • Rope splices
  • Sports injuries/injury prevention taping
  • Add grip to hockey sticks, barbells, baseball bats.
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Keep protective equipment in place – knee pads/shin pads etc.
  • Many more sports/medical applications besides!
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