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Dancing Dust

Make me dewy sample 9ml


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Don’t know which color or scent you want to buy? Or if this grip fits your needs? This 9 ml sample bottle is perfect for you, who wish to try out Make Me Dewy without having to buy a full bottle. This sample is also perfect as a gift.

Make me Dewy is a liquid body pole grip for normal to extra dry skin.

Extreme – Faster drying with tacky ingredients – Suggested use on Chrome, Stainless steel, Brass & Titanium poles.

This gives you options to find the perfect grip for your skin.

Moisturising 💦
Safe on sensitive skin 👶
Hand made 🖐
Vegan friendly 🌳
Cruelty-free 🐇

Application: Shake well before use. The glitter will settle and needs a little waking up. Spray onto the skin and apply a thin layer. More layers can be added for more intensity. Let dry for 15-30 seconds. Not advised for hand use unless reactivating Make me dusty hand & body grip.

Colours & Scents

Peach – Peach flower & Linen
Gold – Pineapple, Coconut & Vanilla
Silver – Angel wings –  Rose, Jasmine, Hawthorn, Vanilla
Blue – French Vanilla
Green – Lime & Coconut
Pink – Hubba Bubba
Purple – Blueberry Cobbler

*Note – Colours may vary due to available mica*

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