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Monkey hands

Monkey hands grip 80ml – sticky


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Dries your hands and provides strong additional grip when practicing. Strong stickiness
It magically leaves no residue on equipment and clothes and it’s antibacterial!
Remember to clean and dry well your hands before applying.

Who loves it? Beginners and athletes who struggle with sweaty hands looking for strong stickiness.

Recommended for: Pole dance, Circus training

Ingredients: Isoamyl Laurate, c10-c30 acrylates, cros polymer acrylates, alcohol, silica.

The Sticky gives the stickiness effect without containing rosin and can be easily removed by using plain water.
All our products do not contain nasty chemicals and harmful drying agents and they are not tested on animals.
We have honed our formulas to perfection over the last 8 years thanks to our studios and your feedback!
Our gels come in premium airless bottles! They protect your product from exposure to air, extending its shelf life and avoiding product waste.


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